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Dear Friend,

You probably say more often than not that you would like to consistently earn more high-quality leads …

But I can almost guarantee that your business will be stuck next month … and the next … if you stay on the same path.

You would be surprised to learn that businesses like yours are enjoying high-quality leads in their inbox every single day without lifting a finger.

Your two biggest competitors probably have this surefire advertising system.


It is not because they are creating “Do It Yourself” marketing strategies or hiring an inexperienced Millennial right out of college.

It is because they are reaping the rewards of direct response advertising.

Direct response advertising is sales advertising –

These advertisements are crafted in a way that turns prospects into customers.

Which means we never write cute or funny ads. Our advertisements will hook your prospects so that they will complete the desired action …

… from calls, to form submissions, to purchases.

Plus, with comprehensive tracking systems, it is possible to quickly diagnose what is working and what is not.

That way, you can allocate more of your advertising dollars to an already proven campaign.

You need qualified leads.

And you want them in your inbox without having to do anything but what you already do best:

Run your business.

But First, A Warning

The advertising industry loves to throw together entertaining ad campaigns and call them a success before they even launch.


Because the ads look pretty … so how could their work not be a huge success?

Here’s the truth:

Very few ad campaigns generate the number of leads projected at the get-go.

Which is why we test … test … and test.

We test headlines, descriptions, photos, videos, you name it.

Our clients reap the rewards of testing because, in the end, their advertisements will speak exactly to their ideal prospects.

With that said –

If you are looking for funny, entertaining advertisements that make people laugh, then we will not be a good fit.

Our goal is to convince your prospect to take the desired action by speaking directly to them. Our goal is not to have your prospect say, "ah, what a great ad!" … all while moving on to the next piece of content.

The only thing that matters to us?


Ascendyn Spends The Time Crafting Revenue-Driven Advertisements … You Profit

Most business owners think that they must run their own advertisements rather than hire someone else to do it for them.

Their reasoning?

That it is easier – and cheaper – to throw together a few graphics, write some ads, and upload everything to Facebook, they say.

But if you are like most business owners, then you are losing your tail on advertising.

Forget about breaking even – You are probably losing money every time you spend a dollar on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or any other desired ad platform.

Because buying advertisements is not simply buying advertisements.

Here Is The Not-So-Basic 5-Step Process:

  • #1 Lay The Groundwork For Your Direct Response Campaign Strategy

    Who: Who is your ideal client?

    What: What message do you want to target prospects with? What is your offer?

    When: When do you want to target your prospects?

    Where: Where do you want to target your prospects?

    Why: Why do you want to target your prospects? What is the campaign’s purpose?

  • #2 Write Direct Response Advertisements Crafted To Turn Prospects Into Customers

    With the millions of distractions on the Internet, your prospect will only stop to read your ad if it screams “what is in it for me?”Direct Response Copywriters are different from Brand Awareness Copywriters. Why? Because Direct Response Copywriters are trained to sell with pen and paper. We work 24/7 to find people who are interested in your offer.

  • #3 Create Your Irresistible Offer … And Promote It With Offer-Specific Sales Funnels & Landing Pages

    Never write an advertisement with a specific offer and then point it to your business’ homepage. Sales funnels and landing pages are designed to match the language of each individual advertisement so the client's journey is as effortless as possible.

  • #4 Follow Up Via Retargeting Ads And Email Sequences

    Let's face it:

    Most people don't buy from your business just because they saw one ad on Facebook or Google. They buy after seeing your messaging dozens of times … and they know exactly what your business represents.

    Depending on your campaign goals, you must follow up with your prospects via email and/or retargeting ads.

    Turn the skeptics into believers –

    All with a solid offer and a great product or service.

  • #5 Optimize & Test

    We must test, test, and test even more. Test headlines. Test photos. Test sales funnels. Even test offers.Are you satisfied with your client acquisition costs? Just remember: It can always be improved!

Would You Like To Scale Your Business In the Next 90 Days By Consistently Generating High-Quality Leads?

Our proven strategy can:

  • ​Make your phone ring with prospects who are ready to work with you.

  • ​Cut advertising costs by eliminating those pesky “never-buyers” – i.e., low-quality leads – from your audience.

  • ​Dominate the competition … even when your competitors are enormous corporations with millions to spend on advertising.

We would like to offer you a complimentary strategy call that can turbocharge your business.

No obligation.

Rather than have a traditional sales meeting …

Let's hop on a call and:

  • Examine your business' pains.

  • Outline ways to push past those pains with direct response strategies.

  • Discover how to gain a competitive edge in your industry.

  • Craft a plan to ascend your business into the spotlight … all for free!

It's our gift to you.

Why You Should Not Wait Another Minute To Book Your Strategy Call

Our passion is to write advertisements that solve your prospect’s problem …

And your offer is the solution.

It’s not simply about hiring an “advertising agency.”

When you work with us, you experience the benefit of working with professional copywriters who have helped dozens of businesses like yours transform into ultra-successful powerhouses …

… some selling for millions of dollars only after a few years in business.

With that said, we only work with a select number of clients at a time –

Right now, we have spots available to help businesses like yours ascend to new heights.

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