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Google Advertising: 5 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

December 20, 20239 min read

How The World’s Most Powerful Search Engine Can Lead to Big Things for Your Brand

Want to reach a huge audience? And by huge, we’re talking 90% of the internet. You can give your brand limitless potential and put it in the front of the eyes of billions of consumers. 

But how? This seems like a pretty incredible feat. The answer: Google Ads! 

Google’s ad platform is an intuitive way to skyrocket your sales and grow your business like wildfire. Plus, you can create a campaign that makes sense for your goals, target market, and brand identity. 

But don’t just jump right in and start posting ads without doing your homework. The ease of creating and launching a Google Ad campaign might be tempting. However, with some careful planning and a little creative strategy, you can get the most out of your marketing budget. 

This guide will become your go-to resource when it comes to crafting an incredible Google Ads campaign. We’ll dive into all of the best tips and tricks there are out there for capturing the attention of scrollers and engaging them with your brand.

So, whether you are a marketing pro or just trying to get the name of your startup out there, take note. There are some simple ways to make your Google Ads work for your brand and be an incredibly efficient advertising tool.

First Off, Ask Yourself, Why Should I Use Google Advertising?

It’s important to fully understand just why Google Ads are an essential part of any digital marketing campaign. Google is a powerhouse that you have an opportunity to tap into and for a pretty cost-effective price point. 

Since its launch in 1998, Google has skyrocketed to by far the most popular site in the world. Its name has become synonymous with “look it up” or “check the internet”. It’s the go-to search engine for billions of people around the world. 

You simply can’t miss out on harnessing this internet superpower for your business. Solving 6.9 billion searches a day and growing Google is by far the place to be on the world wide web. Why not tap into this enormous possibility of awareness for your brand. 

The bottom line: You can’t afford to not advertise on Google.

These tips will help you make sure your advertising is as effective as possible. 

Understand the Types of Google Ads

Google has several types of ad formats, and understanding them can help you better craft and plan a campaign for your specific objectives. 

Depending on the ad format, it’s important to note that some ads won’t just appear on In fact, Google partners with many websites all over the internet. They power the advertisements on other sites, meaning they can place your ads on the sites that make the most sense for your brand. 

Display Ads

These are just what they sound like. They are graphic visuals sharing information about your brand. And they’re ideal for building brand awareness and/or retargeting your prospects.

Text Ads

These types of ads show up in search results. They put your site at the top of the page when users search for terms that are related to your brand. Text ads are awesome for boosting sales because they allow you to reach consumers that are already in the market for your type of product. There is user intent.

Video Ads

Google owns another Internet giant, YouTube. This allows them to strategically place your video ads on the platform as well as their other partner sites. Video ads are stellar ways to share in-depth information about your product as well as increase brand consideration.

App Ads

These are pretty self-explanatory. Do you have a new or updated app or just looking to increase users? App ads are great to build awareness of it and drive app installs.

Shopping Ads

Like text search ads, these are perfect for reaching the customers that are already searching for your product. Shopping ads allow you to place your product under the shopping tab when users search for terms related to it.

Google Map Pack Ads 

This allows you to take advantage of Google’s data and tracking technology to reach the consumers that matter to you. Your location listing in Google Maps means more customers are able to easily find you. Plus, because the ad is in Google Maps, it’s connected to your Google My Business profile. Everything from boosting local sales to driving traffic to your physical locations is made more effective with these targeted ads. 

Creating Your Google Ads Campaign

Now that you understand the types of Google ads and the power behind them, it’s time to create your campaign. Keep in mind the types of ads that match your objectives, then craft stunning content that will wow the world. Follow these tips and tricks to implement a dynamic and successful Google Ads campaign. 

Stay True to Your Brand’s Image

Maybe you already have a well-tuned brand image. Perhaps you are just starting out and looking to formulate who you are. Either way, staying true to your brand’s voice is the best way to use your ads to gain familiarity with your business.

Your brand image is the personification of your brand. Straying too far from this can leave your loyal customers feeling confused and bewildered. A cohesive voice allows for meaningful and memorable interactions with consumers, especially after they see your marketing material a few times.

This is especially true with Google Ads. Many times, users might just scroll right by your ad. Making sure it still triggers a response is important. When you use the same themes, colors, and graphics throughout your ads, users gain more and more familiarity with your brand, whether they realize it or not.

Those repetitive reminders of who your brand is will embed themselves in the minds of consumers. These same consumers make 95 percent of purchase decisions with their subconscious. So even with different ad types, you want to make sure you craft ads that are cohesive to achieve a lasting echo of your in the back of their minds. 

Staying true to your brand’s image means that your Google Ads are as impactful as possible. 

Be Authentic to Woe Consumers

Authenticity in advertising is one of the most important skills to hone. Customers want to get to know you as a brand. They want to feel like they are a part of something meaningful and real. Your buyers yearn for that warm and fuzzy feeling that they are giving their money to a company that stands for something. 

Your Google Ads can be a good way to get a message across the appeals to the user’s softer side. Think of it as telling a story about your brand. Display ads and video ads are an awesome way to do this. 

Find what’s special about your brand’s values and share it through your Google Ads to make meaningful relationships with consumers. Use this valuable air time to tell an authentic story that users can relate to.

Be Transparent and Honest

The internet is notorious for cyber scams and online fraud. This bad wrap can make online advertising a little tricky. For this reason, it’s super important that your Google Ads be transparent.

Outlandish declarations about your product are sure to turn off Google users pretty quickly. It’s not hard for them to see you as just another internet ad, trying to see something to unsuspecting shoppers. Create an ad with an honest message that they can believe. Avoid over the top promises and unbelievable product claims. 

Instead of hiding the weaknesses of your brand, think about them in a new light. Sure, you might not be the highest quality item in your industry, but you can give customers great value. Maybe you are new to the scene. Communicate a free trial or money-back guarantee in your Google Ad. 

Work to show increasingly suspicious customers that you stand behind your product and you are honest about what you have to offer.

Build Trust and a Reliable Reputation

Even though online shopping has skyrocketed, many customers are still leery of purchasing items online, especially big-ticket ones. Even lower-cost goods are much more marketable when you can establish trust with your ad viewers. There are some great ways that you can communicate that you are a low risk buy and worth them giving you a chance. 

Testimonials and reviews are also an effective way to build trust. A staggering 84 percent of customers trust online reviews as much as their friends. So why not make them easier to see what your happy customers have to say? 

Produce a montage of customer testimonials for your Google Video Ad. Add text copy of your glowing reviews to your display ads. Work hard to earn five stars on your products and make sure that rating is indicated on your shopping ads. 

It’s your task to develop trust with consumers and let them know that you are a brand with a stellar reputation that they can rely on.

Consider Your Target Market

When creating Google Advertising Campaigns, the thoughts and habits of your target market should be at the forefront of your mind. Sure, your campaign objectives can lead you to choose a certain type of ad. But it’s simply not going to work if you choose an ad format that doesn’t make sense for your target market. 

If you are looking to grow sales as a home services provider, for example, text ad campaigns might be more your speed. By crafting informative and reliable ads, you are more likely to grab their consideration, and ultimately the sale. 

Think about your target market and their typical behaviors to decide on ad formats that meet them where they exist on the internet.  

Google Ads for Marketing Success

Google Ads has tremendous potential to get you some serious return on your marketing spend. The secret is to plan your campaign wisely. Craft great ads with clear messaging that will appeal to internet users. And be thoughtful about the types of ad formats you choose and where you place them. 

By using Google Ads, you can do big things for your business. So get started creating your content and planning your strategy now. Your new customers are waiting.

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