At Ascendyn, we are here to ascend your business into the spotlight.

And that includes making sure your message is clear, concise, and ready to be spread far and wide on the internet.

That also means making sure your copy is written in a way that matches the voice of your brand and resonates with your target audience. 

Our direct response copywriting services are meant to do just that.

So what is direct response copywriting? And why is it so effective?

Direct response copywriting is a method that we use to craft words that encourage customers to take action. We turn the focus on the potential customer and how your product or service can meet their pain points.

By creating need, we create a sense of urgency to purchase your brand.

Then, we seal it off with a call to action that inspires the actions that convert to sales.

And how do we know this works?

Because we’ve analyzed the numbers and studied the outcomes of these strategies.

Direct response copywriting is a very data-driven view of writing.

So not only do the words we string together sound great, but they have a specific purpose as well.

Advertorials Featuring Direct Response Copy

Advertorials can be one of the trickiest advertising pieces to create.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, it’s an editorial-style piece that provides information about a brand or product.

The trick here is to make it read like an article instead of an in-your-face advertisement.

This strategy takes a careful finessing of the words when creating the copy.

You need to come off as informative while still sharing the benefits of the brand and how it can improve the lives of potential customers.

Luckily, our copywriters have perfected this balancing act.

We can provide you with advertorials to build brand awareness or convert leads.

Our word sculptors can create just the right messaging for your target audience.

And we know how to provide amazing content to the reader so they will stick with your advertorial until the very end.

Social Media Ad Copy Using Direct Response Techniques

The world of social media is a complicated space. Advertising here requires the perfect blend of graphics, images, and … you guessed it … copy.

So how do we know what to write for your social media ads that will resonate with users?

We’ve studied the effectiveness of countless social media campaigns. We are in tune with what works with certain markets and what falls flat.

With that keen awareness, we will write the best social media ad copy that makes sense for your campaign.

We know that social media users have short attention spans.

That’s why we’ll use techniques to stop their scrolling and engage with your ad.

Then, with our direct response copywriting strategy, we’ll let them know why they need your product and why they need it now.

Direct Response Copy Email Promotions

Make sure your email promotions don’t end up in the trash folder.

Great direct response copy gives promotional email the best chance to be fully read.

It also means that your message is communicated in ways that prompt a response from the reader.

We can help you refresh your email promotions so that your readers welcome them in their inbox.

By targeting different audiences with thoughtful written communication, we can make sure your email promotion strategy is as effective as possible.

Whatever it takes to engage with your reader, we’ll implement. And we’ll keep an eye on what’s working best for your brand and continually evaluate our copy strategy and adjust as necessary.

Pay-Per-Click Ad Copy

Pay-Per-Click ads are one of the most budget-friendly tools out there.

You only pay for the results that you get.

But how do you set yourself apart and achieve outstanding results?

Great copy is a necessary component to drawing internet users to your ads. But that’s not enough. Clicks and conversion are where it counts. And our direct response copywriting can help you seal the sales deal.

We’ll share your brand’s message in an innovative way that draws the customer in and entices them to click on your ad. The main focus: benefits, not features.

This well-written copy will quickly convert to an increase in leads in no time.

Landing Page Copy

One of our best strategies is creating a custom sales funnel that directs potential customers to a specific landing page.

But what happens when they get there?

We create landing page copy that prompts users to stick around.

Prospects can click on upsells, downsells, you name it.

Focusing on engaging language and clear benefits of your product is the name of our copy game.

Plus, working with our creative team, we can make the page look as stunning as the copy reads.

No matter your goals, we’ll tailor your message around them. By working with you from the top of the sales funnel to the formulation of your landing pages, we can make the buying process more efficient.

And this will pay off big time for your business with some serious sales growth.

Direct Response Copywriting to Take Your Brand to The Next Level

Our copywriting team has invested time in honing our direct response copywriting skills. We will provide your readers with relevant information as well as encourage them to check out the amazing things about your brand.

Then, we’ll wrap it all up with a powerful call to action.

So, here’s our call to action:

Why don’t we chat so we can share our ideas for your brand?

Let’s have a 30-minute strategy session where we can discuss the tactics that are scaling brands all over the country.

And the best part?

This phone meeting is completely free for you.

Plus, you’ll walk away with some very useful knowledge about your brand. So take advantage of our gift to you and schedule your call today.

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