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How to Advertise Your Carport and Garage Business

December 20, 202310 min read

In a niche market, effective advertising is essential for your success. This is especially true when your business sells big-ticket items like carports and garages. You are asking potential customers to not only make an investment in your product, but you are also asking them to add your products to their properties for long-term use.

So how do you attract customers to your garage and carport business? Creating a brand and providing excellent service can secure your reputation. However, you need to let your target market know that your business exists first. That’s where a strong advertising strategy comes in.

By combining proven strategies with dynamic ideas, you can grow your business’s customer base and increase your market share. Investing in advertising is essential to your company’s long-term success. So, check out these ways to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to effectively advertising your garage and carport business. 

Identify Your Garage and Carport Business’s Target Market

The first step in advertising any business is identifying your target market. This is especially true when selling tangible assets like garages and carports that need on-site installation and servicing. So nailing down your geographical market boundaries can help you avoid squandering your advertising dollars. 

This all depends on your business, your manpower, and your ability to reach locations. Maybe you would like to use a network of subcontractors to achieve a national or regional business model. Or maybe your goal is to become the go-to provider in your local area. Either way, these guidelines will drive the rest of your advertising strategy moving forward. 

Once your geographical market is clearly defined, you’ll know exactly where to target with your traditional advertising methods like flyers, mailers, and signage. However, you’ll also be able to better target your digital advertising as well. Everything from social media ads to email communications can be optimized to target specific areas.

Advertising Your Carport and Garage Business On Social Media

Social media advertising allows you to tap into a large audience. It gives you a chance to share your business, gain exposure, and interact with your audience. Plus, it’s an additional chance to personify your brand.

A strong presence on social media can take a big commitment. You’ll want to stay up on posting, sharing the latest products you offer as well as projects you’ve completed. You’ll also need to be engaged with conversations to utilize these platforms to the fullest. 

Effective social media advertising campaigns can give you a significant return on your investment. They are budget-friendly and are easy to optimize for maximized results. Plus, they can be targeted to specific geographic, and other demographic parameters, with pinpoint accuracy. 

The trick to awesome social media advertising is creative and unique ads that get noticed. Social media users are often scrolling through their feeds quickly so your challenge is to capture their attention. And you need to hold it long enough to get your message across. This can be done with ads that align with your brand image while creating a need for your products.

Search Engine Ads Can Benefit Your Carport and Garage Brand

When searching for large-scale storage and parking solutions, many people will first take to Google to begin their search. These large purchases often require a lot of research. Search engine ads allow your business to be front and center during this process. 

When you purchase search engine ads, you give your website prime placement in the search results of users. Most researchers will click on a high-ranking page first. In fact, a staggering 90 percent of users are most likely to click on the first set of results. So, these ads can give your brand a much better chance of being discovered. 

These ads can also come with a pay-per-click price structure, making them extremely cost-effective. So whether you want to encourage phone calls or drive traffic to your website, you’ll only pay when your ad gets results. And you can set a max for your budget to ensure you keep ad costs under control. 

One amazing feature of these ads is the ability to retarget searchers and past website visitors. This puts your ad in front of the audiences that are most likely to be actively researching carports and garages. With the large investment needed for these products, the research can be extensive. Retargeting means that researchers are reminded of your brand throughout the process.

Effective Copy and Content is a Must for Sales Funnel Efficiency

No matter if you are driving traffic to landing pages or communicating through email newsletters, your words matter. Your copy needs to be written in a way to elicit action and encourage your customers to move through the sales funnel. Plus, you want to provide content that is valuable to your audience to avoid being written off as white noise. 

Direct response copy is well-crafted verbiage that explains the need for your product. It highlights the benefits and why your brand in particular is best for the reader. Your copy should also provide the information needed to prompt the user to take the next action in the buying process. 

Your communications should also be relevant and valuable to your audience. They should be engaging to users so they actually welcome them. Everything from your blog to your newsletter should be written with the reader in mind. Each communication is a chance to engage with your audience and enhance their relationship with your brand. 

Marketing Your Carport and Garage Brand Through Reputation Management

Large purchases rarely happen without thorough research. And one of the most likely places that consumers will get a feel for a brand is through the reviews of other customers. In fact, online reviews influence the purchase decisions of 93 percent of customers. Make sure you manage your reviews to give your brand a solid reputation. 

This begins with providing great service to customers. Every interaction from sales to installation, to maintenance, should come with the same top-notch service. This gives customers an overall awesome experience worth writing a review about.

Next, you might need to ask these happy customers for their public feedback. Many customers are more than willing to provide a review. They sometimes just need a reminder in the form of a text or email, with easy means to leave their review. 

Not all of your reviews are going to be glowing. However, keeping bad feedback from hitting the internet is a must for the most optimal ratings. This makes having a review management service that filters these reviews and allows you to address issues imperative. This can give dissatisfied customers a means to provide private feedback and gives you the opportunity to remedy their complaints. 

Once you have received some impressive reviews, it’s important to share them far and wide. Use them to boost your credibility on your website and in email newsletters. Share them as posts on your social media pages. You can even use them on flyers and mailers to show the market that you are a reputable and solid business.

Dynamic Visual Advertisements for Your Garage and Carport Business

Did you know that 65 percent of people are visual learners? That means that prioritizing reaching this majority population is super important. So your visual advertising pieces should be dynamic, creative, and attention-getting.

First, it’s important to create an overall feel for your brand. What color scheme are you going to use? What kinds of typography and imagery are going to fill your marketing materials? Once you nail this down it’s important to keep it cohesive to create an authentic experience. 

The feel and tone of your brand should be uniform through all of your means of communication. This deepens your audience’s relationship with your business and gives them the consistency that they can trust. So whether they are interacting with you through your website, social media, or other channels, your customers and potential customers should know what to expect. 

Creating stunning visual and display ads is a balancing act. You want to stand out while aligning with your brand. You also need to convey your message and do it quickly. Plus, you’re going to want to include a call to action to encourage buyers to take your desired action.

Another valuable visual tool to provide your audience with is an infographic. You can explain the features and benefits of your carport and garage products in an easy-to-interpret visual. Infographics are awesome to add to blog posts, social media, and email newsletters. And your audience will appreciate receiving your information in a simple and understandable method. 

Don’t Abandon Traditional Advertising Methods

Depending on your market, traditional advertising methods might be optimal for your audience. Oftentimes, more mature and established households depend on things like flyers and mailers to gain information. This trick is to make them engaging and attention-grabbing. 

One benefit of snail mail advertising is the ability to target a very specific geographical area. So whether you are looking to grow your customer base or expand into a new area, you can craft a campaign with exact targeting. 

Make sure your mailed material contains clear imagery of your products. Photos of installed products, as well as inventory that’s available, show your potential customers what you offer. Make sure to include a wide variety to appeal to as many needs as possible.

Consider the Area Trends When Planning Carport Advertising

In order for your advertising to be relevant and effective, you need to be in tune with what is going on in your area. Everything from seasonal weather, home improvement trends, and local guidelines can impact your business. Staying on top of these trends can help you make the most of your advertising. 

Many homeowners dread the cold weather and the months of snow-covered vehicles. Marketing to this audience before winter hits can show them that you are the ideal solution to their problems. This is a great opportunity to communicate the benefits that a parking structure can provide during the winter months. 

Paying close attention to the areas you service can pay off big time. Major home renovations are often cyclical as properties age. Watch for neighborhoods where homes are at the point that residents are making significant investments to improve their property. These customers are often more likely in the position to make large purchases to enhance their home's functionality. 

Home owners’ associations and their guidelines are notoriously difficult to navigate. Knowing the guidelines to the larger HOAs in your areas can help you gain customers and avoid headaches. Include product options that align with these guidelines in specifically targeted advertisements and communicate that you have already done the HOA research to these potential customers.

Thinking Outside the Box to Market Your Steel Buildings

One of the best tips in marketing and advertising is to think outside the box and don’t be afraid to take risks. Creative ways of sharing your business can help it stand out from the crowd. And it might make all the difference in gaining your share of the market.

First, think about what makes your specific business special. Are you a woman or minority-owned company? Do you commit to giving back to the community? Use these features to help your business stand out from the steel building crowd.  

Work with others in your community to gain access to their client base. Talk to local realtors and ask them to send new home buyers your way. A solid relationship with local contractors can also help you access a new market of potential clients.

Successfully Growing Your Carport and Garage Business Through Advertising

Your carport and garage business can be destined for success. But in order to get there, you need your target market to know about it. You also need them to choose you over the competition. 

The right advertising strategy can make or break this success. Taking a holistic approach can help you create a brand, solidify your reputation, and stand out in a competitive marketplace. And you’ll grow your customer base and advertise your way right to the top of the garage and carport industry!

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