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Unique Ways to Advertise Your Pest Control Company

December 20, 202310 min read

Making your way in the world of pest control can be a challenge. The industry is a competitive one and many are leery of unfamiliar companies. So how do you make your brand stand out and seem reputable in the eyes of consumers? 

Effective pest control advertising is one of the most powerful strategies that you can harness. In a service industry, strong branding and stellar communication are key. Creating an awesome and lasting first impression is the best way to get invited to new customers’ homes to address their pest control needs.  

What does it take to make your advertising effective? How can you make your brand stand out? The solution is a well-rounded combination of unique advertising techniques that are proven. Taking chances with new and innovative advertising tools can pay off by earning you a bigger chunk of your target market’s business.

Drive Users to Your Pest Control Site With Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising is a great way to capitalize on online traffic. When most of your customers discover a rodent or insect problem, one of the first places that they are going to turn is Google. Make sure you are a top search result by advertising on popular search engines.

Ads on Google and Bing are pay-per-click, which means that you only pay when your ad gets clicked on. This pricing structure not only makes them unique, but extremely cost-effective. You can also start a campaign on either search engine for a relatively low budget. 

One of the most useful things about these ads is the ability to retarget users that have already interacted with your website. Once they have visited your site via search engine ads, your retargeting ads essentially follow them and appear to remind them of your business during other internet activities. This is a great way to draw them back to your site and seal the deal. 

Again, your creative content and copy are important here. Why are you better than all of the other pest control companies in the area? Do you offer a guarantee, provide eco-friendly options, or promise a great value? Make sure to highlight what makes your brand stand out while you have the attention of your audience.

Pest Control Email Marketing Techniques That Are Meaningful

Of course, email marketing isn’t really a unique advertising tool. However, by putting your own spin on it you can make it innovative and effective. The trick is to send relevant emails that are valuable to your audience.

First, it’s important to create a robust email list of targeted users. Capture leads via your social media pages and website. A catchy call to action is a must. Make sure users know that they are signing up for valuable info, not volunteering to be a victim of pesky spam. 

In order to keep your emails from being destined for the trash folder, you need a catchy subject line. Keep it short, sweet, and relevant to the body of your message. If you exaggerate or make empty promises, you’ll quickly lose the trust of your audience.

Then, use high-level email copy that engages your users and provides them with unique information or a strong offer. Adding a promotion allows them to engage and feel added value. 

Your email promotions should have a landing page that takes users deeper into your message. Focused on problem-solving, this should make it clear to your audience that you are the best service to solve their pest control problem. Then, take them through to a call to action for requesting a quote or contacting you for more information.

Social Media is a Prime Placement for Your Pest Control Brand

While it might not seem like an obvious choice, social media platforms are a great place to advertise and brand your pest control company. Sure, these sites are natural channels for things like clothing and the food industry. However, your pest control brand can capitalize on an audience of over 4.5 billion social media users worldwide. 

Social media is one of the best places to personify your pest control brand. Give it a personality that fits your business, reliable yet engaging. Make sure your social media branding is consistent with the rest of your channels to create a cohesive tone.  

Create profiles on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Maintain them, update them, and keep them active. Keep in mind that this is your chance to interact with your current customers, and future ones too. Use each channel’s strengths and features to your benefit. 

One of the greatest uses of social media is the advertising ability it gives you. Social media advertising not only works, but it’s also extremely cost-effective. The trick is doing it correctly and with content that is creative and grabs the attention of scrolling users. 

Make sure the ads representing your pest control company on social media align with your brand. A clear message and unique take on the typical ad format is sure to get you noticed. Keep it concise while explaining why you stand out from the competition. 

Another super helpful feature of social media advertising is its targeting abilities. You can set the target market for the geographical area that your company services. This means that you won’t be wasting ad funds on residents that really aren’t relevant to your business. 

These ads can also be targeted by demographics and interests. So maybe your typical customer is females in their 40 and 50s. Or perhaps you have a new eco-friendly service you want to advertise to the green-minded community. This type of targeting allows you to get your advertising in front of the audience that matters most to your brand. 

Unique Placements for Your Pest Control Ads That Work

Placing your ads in unexpected spots is sure to get them noticed. Think about unique places that you have seen ads in the past that have wowed you. Be on the lookout for advertising opportunities that are unique and would give you access to your target audience. 

Bars and restaurants are always looking for ways to earn a little extra income. And they are often willing to capitalize on unused space to do so. Look into establishments in your area to see if they have a little advertising real estate that you can use.

Look to community gathering places for advertising opportunities. They are often lower cost and give you direct access to your geographical audience. The local high school sports stadium or community center might have places for your sign or banner. Or, check out coworking spots or the library to see what their bulletin board policies are. 

When designing your advertisements for these situations, keep them simple and memorable. Make sure your name and website are clear so that your audience can easily recall them when they need your services. A QR code for your website or a text code to sign up for promotions are super helpful tools to create connections.

Capitalize on Word of Mouth Advertising

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to advertise. 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth advertising more than traditional means. And, the best part is it’s usually completely free.

One way of doing this is to simply provide outstanding service to your current customers. Then, casually ask if they would refer them to their friends and neighbors. A referral bonus like a discount on their next service can give them just the nudge they need to sing your praises.

Gathering reviews and testimonials from your current customers is another good way to show you can be trusted. Make sure to manage your online reviews and share them with your potential new customers. Screenshots on your website and social media pages are an ideal way to show these off.

You can also work with other service providers in your community for a little mutual benefit agreement. Maybe you know a realtor in the area. Ask them if you can be their go-to pest control referral in exchange for you doing the same for them. 

Make sure to put yourself out there so you are known by other community members. Offering free help to non-profits or providing services for those in need can go a long way in solidifying your reputation. When word gets around that you are a socially-responsible brand, you’ll likely be referred to others for that fact alone.

Use Unique Website Content to Advertise Your Pest Control Brand

Your pest control website should be used to provide information to the customer first and sell them on your services second. Adding unique and valuable content to your website can help you win big. Not only will it drive traffic, but it will also likely make visitors more interested in what you have to offer.

Adding a blog to your site is a great way to put information out there and keep your content fresh. Keep your blog posts relevant to your area, the time of year, and any current happenings or trends. Adding a post about pest-proofing your home just before the winter months or repelling insects as spring approaches gives your readers the info they need at the moment. 

Search engine optimization can help your blog posts, and your website, be discovered. Figure out what searches are trending in the area and address them. Trackers like Google Trends can help you figure out what is relevant at any given time. 

Videos are another perfect tool to add to your site. They are a perfect way to show, not tell, about your services. Perform demonstrations, host tutorials, or film your pest control crew in action. This allows potential customers to interact with you on a more personal level and builds trust for your brand. 

Visuals are key components to include on your website as they are the primary way 65 percent of people learn. An easy-to-understand infographic can be the perfect way to break down the process you follow during service calls. Photos of real-life pest control situations can help tell a story about your brand. Make sure your visuals are unique and that they stand out from what your competition is offering.

Helpful Hints for Unique Pest Control Advertising

  • Make it memorable. The tricky part is, a lot of times, your audience won’t need your services in the exact moment that they see your ad. That makes it super important that you make your ad memorable enough that they can recall it when they find themselves needing pest control services. An unforgettable slogan, easy-to-remember phone number, or catchy website address are perfect for creating a last impression.

  • Get to know your target market. You are likely limited to a specific geographical area. This makes it easy to get to know your audience and what benefits are important to them. If your area seems to be more frugal-minded, focus on the value of your services. If your area is an established area with more mature clients, make it clear that you are reliable. Meeting your audience’s needs in your advertising will pay off in more business for you. 

  • Keep an open mind. Advertising is always changing and evolving. What works for your pest control business at the moment may not work months or even weeks from now. Keeping an open mind allows you to tap into new and improved ways of advertising your services. Lean on the experts and trust them to guide your brand to success.

Innovative and Unique Advertising is a Win for Your Pest Control Company

By using unique advertising, you set your pest control company up to be the best in your market. This creativity and innovation can be just the thing that sets you apart from your competitors and allows you to reach a broader audience. And you’ll see success as you gain customers, book more services, and grow your pest control brand into the future.

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