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Advertising Your Damage Restoration Business on Google and Bing

December 19, 20237 min read

The damage restoration industry can be a lucrative one. Through advertising, your business can put you in a prime position to reach your target audience. This is especially important when they need critical help with a major investment, their homes. 

One of the trickiest things about advertising a damage restoration business is timing. Your services are only needed for a specific set of circumstances. So how do you reach your audience when they are in a situation where they need to reach you?

Search engine advertising can be a significant opportunity to do just that. You can use this powerful tool to reach the very customers that are looking for your services. And it can allow you to put your brand in the ideal position to be their first call.

Advertising your damage restoration business on sites like Google and Bing can help build brand awareness and consideration. It can also help drive traffic to your website and grow your customer base. Plus, all of this comes with a relatively low-risk investment of advertising spend. Read on to see how the benefits of search engine advertising can help you reach your goals.

Why Should My Damage Restoration Business Advertise on Search Engines?

Advertising on search engines can be beneficial to nearly any brand out there. However, in the damage restoration industry, you’ll reap some great benefits from this strategy. From targeting to timing, you’ll see why this is a great place to allocate a portion of your marketing budget. 

Search Engine Advertising Targets Specific Markets

First, the location targeting capabilities of search engine advertising is a huge perk to your business. You likely have set parameters for your service area. Or maybe you are trying to expand your business and have the staff to reach new locations. 

With search engine advertising, you can pinpoint the region where you would like to see your ads. This means that they aren’t being wasted on customers that you aren’t able to travel to service. It also allows you to build brand awareness in specific areas where you are looking to grow your market share.

Another benefit of this is specific to the damage restoration industry. When a significant weather event or natural disaster happens in an area, the need for your services will increase. With search engine advertising, you can focus your campaigns on these impacted areas. This is an opportunity to reach a market most in need and show them how your services can help.

You Can Reach Those Searching For Damage Restoration Services With Ads

Another awesome perk of advertising on search engines is that you can directly reach people who are actively searching for your services. In an industry that’s situational, marketing your brand is all about timing. When you advertise on Google or Bing, you know that you are advertising to an audience that’s most likely in need of your services at that moment. 

When a homeowner wakes up to a flooded basement or burst pipe, they are most likely going to pop on to Google and look for someone like you to help. After a fire or severe storm, homeowners don’t want the added stress of researching home restoration companies. They are going to depend on sites like Bing to do the legwork and give them the info they need.

Search engine advertising not only allows you to show up in these results but also gives your business prime placement. Very few people even bother moving on to the second page of search results. And over 70 percent of users click on one of the top five results they see. 

So making sure your brand is one of the first that they see is pretty important. This is especially true in high-stress situations like when major home damage occurs. Allowing these users to find your business quickly and with minimal effort can help you earn their business.

Why You Should Advertise Your Damage Restoration Business on Google

When you think about search engines, Google likely immediately comes to mind. The powerhouse search site has become the most visited worldwide. It’s one of the most popular brands and has even become its own verb. Many consumers simply “Google it” when searching for a solution to their problem.

Google processes over 8.5 billion searches on a daily basis. It’s no secret that it can connect your brand with a huge audience. Having an advertising presence can put you in touch with a multitude of customers searching for your specific services. 

The search engine also features Google Maps, a geographically-based search feature. This allows you to reach nearby audiences that are convenient to your location. So whether your potential clients are searching by computer or mobile, they will be able to easily see that their location is within your service area.

Using Bing to Market to Damage Restoration Customers

While Google is certainly a prominent force in the search engine world, Bing is another fantastic option for your advertising. It allows you to access alternative demographics that could be your ideal customer base. Plus, it's still the go-to search option for many users.  

Bing boasts a 12 billion monthly search volume. And most of these users are between the ages of 45 and 54 with annual incomes of over a hundred thousand dollars. These demographics also mean that these users are more likely to be homeowners, a major must-have feature for your target audience.

Software giant Microsoft powers Bing. So that means that it is the default search engine across many devices. If a user types a query into their Microsoft Edge browser or asks virtual assistant Cortana for help, they will receive results from Bing. These integrations mean that many searchers use Bing by default, whether intentionally or not, and this can put them in touch with your business.

Search Engine Advertising is a Budget-Friendly Way to Reach Your Objectives

We all know that it takes money to make money. But you don’t want to blow your ad budget to see less than stellar and disappointing results. One of the best benefits of search engine advertising is the ability to tailor campaigns to your budget. You’ll also be confident that results-driven pricing will make the most of your spending.

Whether your business is just starting out or you are looking to expand, keeping advertising within budget is a must. Search engine advertising allows you to set a budget that works for your financial forecast. It also allows you to scale campaigns and increase your spending as strategies pay off or busier seasons approach.

Your costs associated with your advertising are directly tied to your objectives. Maybe you are looking to increase calls to your business or simply want customers to click on your ad. You only pay when this intended action is taken by searchers, resulting in a promising return on your ad investment.

Creating Search Engine Ads That Get Your Damage Restoration Business Noticed

Prime placement and reaching the most relevant audiences are all amazing reasons to use search engine advertising. However, you also need to make sure your ads are crafted to get your business noticed. With strong copy, your ads can attract customers and speak for your brand.

Put yourself in the position of your customers when deciding on the verbiage of your advertising. They need help and they need it now. Phrases like “24/7” and “emergency service” can grab their attention. You can also include phrases like “water damage” or “fire damage” to let customers know that you are able to address their specific needs. 

When customers are looking for damage restoration services, they are also seeking comfort and reliability. Make sure the copy of your ads is written to convey that your brand possesses these traits. Then, ensure when clicked that it leads visitors to strategically written landing page copy that enhances the buyer's journey. This seamless experience will guide them to contact you and alleviate their stress along the way.

Growing Your Damage Restoration Business with Google and Bing Ads

In a situationally-based industry, timing and reaching your relevant audience is essential to your success. You need to communicate your services to customers that have a current need to restore their homes after a damaging event. Using search engine advertising gives you this unique opportunity. And you’ll be able to perfectly place your business in the results of future customers that need it the most.

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