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How to Advertise Your Fitness Center and Spa

December 19, 202316 min read

Running a fitness center or spa can come with a myriad of responsibilities. You have legal restrictions and guidelines to abide by, a staff to recruit and manage, and clients to provide with top-notch service. So, how do you ensure that you are constantly growing your customer base to make your business a success?

Advertising is a key component of running a thriving health & wellness business. Oftentimes, this industry is saturated with fierce competition and comes with a tough battle for your local market. Effective and strategic advertising can give your business an edge over others in the area.

The trick to developing an effective advertising plan is blending a variety of techniques and strategies. It’s important to focus on your objectives and what specific methods and channels can best reach them. You’ll also need to keep your target audience at the forefront of your mind while using a range of methods to reach them. 

Here are some proven techniques to advertise fitness center and spa brands. Each has its own set of features and unique benefits. Together, they can help you see the success that you have been striving for with your business.

Narrowing the Niche and Target Market of Your Health & Wellness Business

One of the first things to do before diving into an ad strategy is to identify your target market. This is an essential piece of creating effective advertising materials and planning campaigns that are cost-effective. Everything from your location to the types of services that you offer can help you define your niche and target market. 

The fitness and wellness industry includes a nearly endless array of options and services. It’s often a good strategy to focus on what aspects of this industry your business specializes in. By finding this niche, you’ll be able to better target the most relevant audiences.

If you are a fitness center, do you offer personal training or group classes? Maybe you are geared more towards intense powerlifting and HIIT workouts. Or, are your services tailored more towards the low-key crowd that enjoys relaxing yoga or low-impact Zumba?

The features of your business can help you find your target market and the overall tone of your branding and ads. This will allow you to attract the right potential customers for your offerings. Defining the “who” that you are targeting prevents you from wasting money on advertising to those that aren’t a good fit for your business. 

If you are running a spa, the same strategy applies. You could offer a wide range of services at moderate price points to appeal to the masses. Cryotherapy, massages, and other healing methods come to mind. Whether you are geared toward luxurious escapism or convenient value also determines your target market and their typical income level. 

Another thing to think about when determining your audience is your location. If you are a more general wellness provider, you will likely not draw in business from distant locations. Many regular gym-goers need locations that are convenient to their homes or workplaces. You will likely get a better ROI by focusing your advertising on nearby audiences.

However, if you are offering expert-level specialized services, your clients might be willing to travel a little farther for appointments, especially if they aren’t frequent. This can allow you to expand your target market a bit. Advertising to nearby communities can still be effective, especially if your services are more unique to the area.

When you are defining your target market, there are four areas to consider:

  • Demographics: How old is your typical customer? What level of income is typically needed to afford your services? Do you appeal more to men, women, or are your offerings pretty gender-neutral?

  • Geographic Area: Where does your customer base live and work? Do they tend to be located within a few miles of your locations? Or, are they willing to travel a bit to reach your business? 

  • Purchase Behavior: What type of purchase behavior does your business make the most sense for? Are you looking for customers that prefer low prices and great value? Or, do you offer premium and luxury services to those willing to invest more cash in wellness?

  • Psychographic Traits: How does your target customer think? What do they find most important? This could be everything from their desired lifestyle, motivations for fitness, and how much they prioritize their wellness. 

Once you carefully outline these features of your target market, you’ll be able to find the most ideal ways to reach them. Think about your advertising from their viewpoint and craft communications that align with your brand. And you’ll be well on your way to attracting these new customers to your business.

Creating a Brand for Your Gym or Spa

Before you begin planning campaigns and rolling out your advertising efforts, you’ll want to create a clear and recognizable brand for your business. This is what gives your gym or spa its personality. It also shows potential customers what type of experience or vibe to expect. 

First, are you focused on providing a great value or promoting luxury? Not only does this help determine your target market but helps you focus your advertising on the right benefits. If you want to promote your low rates, you’ll want affordability to be at the forefront of your advertising. If you are providing luxurious and personalized services and high-end training, communicating that through advertising can avoid sticker shock.

You should also consider the personality that you would like to create with your brand. If you are promoting a spa, you are likely creating a relaxing vibe. However, you’ll also need to decide if you want your brand's personality to be more clinical to reflect medical-grade services. If you focus more on things like manicures and massages, you may lean towards an indulgent and plush vibe. 

With gyms, your brand personality should mirror your ideal clientele. Are you a one-gym-fits-all business that can service nearly any fitness level? Or are you a powerlifting or intense yoga spot that’s aimed toward expert-level clients? Make sure your brand and the verbiage that you use align with and emphasize these characteristics. 

Colors and typography are also important decisions when creating a cohesive brand. You’ll want to use similar styles and hues throughout all of your marketing materials. That way, each time your audience sees one of your ads, you further cement your brand in their minds. Plus, this cohesive branding shows that your brand is consistent, authentic, and reliable.

A great logo also makes your business instantly recognizable. Have a logo professionally designed that’s timeless, clean, and simple. Keep in mind that you’ll want it to look great on everything from social media to your staff’s t-shirts. 

Branding is your opportunity to share what makes your business unique from the competition. Find elements that make your gym or spa excel and focus on promoting them consistently. Maybe you offer organic spa treatments or technologically-advanced fitness training. Integrate this into your branding strategy to truly set your business apart.

Online Advertising Strategies for Your Fitness Center and Spa

Online advertising has become a prevalent part of the marketing world. Over 90 percent of Americans have access to the internet. So naturally, online advertising is an awesome way to reach a pretty huge audience.

One great feature of online advertising is that it can be very cost-effective, giving you results with a relatively low investment. Campaigns can be crafted to fit a wide variety of budgets and scaled to meet varying needs. 

Many online advertising channels also provide useful data to measure their effectiveness. This allows campaigns to be better optimized for improved results. It also allows you to see what types of strategies work best for your brand and target audience. 

As marketing and advertising become more digitized, the options for online advertising continue to accelerate. Harnessing these powerful strategies can help you beat out your competition and gain market share. They are also great opportunities to build awareness of your fitness or wellness business and personify your brand.

It’s important to use a blended strategy when it comes to online advertising. Each channel and strategy can help you reach different segments of your target audience. Plus, having a presence in multiple places online can significantly increase your brand awareness. These are some dynamic online strategies to get the word out about your fitness and wellness business.

How Facebook Ads Can Take Your Gym or Spa to the Next Level

When it comes to social media, Facebook has the majority market share with over 2.9 billion active users. Advertising on this popular platform gives you access to this major audience in dynamic ways. This low-risk strategy can also help boost your ROI and garner impressive and measurable results.

Facebook advertising allows you to get the word out to your local audience in efficient ways. These campaigns have the unique ability to be targeted to audiences in a specific location. You can narrow your ad’s audiences to the geographical radius that makes the most sense for your business. 

Another awesome feature of Facebook advertising is that it gives you access to valuable user data and allows you to target that specific audience. You can set your campaign’s audience to those that have self-indicated fitness and wellness interests. However, you can also be more specific if you are advertising a more niche business or specific service. 

Maybe you are looking to boost your new yoga studio. You can narrow your audience to those interested in yoga and meditation. Or, if you are looking for bodybuilding or weight training clients, you can choose those interested in those specific types of workouts. For spas, you can target audiences with an interest in spas but you can also expand to interests like beauty salons to tap into similar markets. 

Another benefit of Facebook advertising is the ability to retarget audiences. This means that your ads will be shown to specific users that have visited your website or interacted with your page. A subtle reminder is all it might take for them to hop back to your page and learn about your class offerings or spa treatment menu.

Advertising on Facebook is a smart way to invest in your marketing. Campaigns can be planned to fit your budget and adjusted and scaled as your needs change. 

Using Search Engine Advertising for Your Wellness Brand

Search engine advertising is another powerful tool to get the word out about your fitness center and spa. It allows you to access a large and expansive set of potential clients. However, it can also be used strategically to tap into the most relevant audiences for your brand. 

Search engine advertising on sites like Google and Bing gives you the chance to reach those that are actively looking for the services that you offer. When someone types in a term that’s related to your brand, your ads can make your business the first one that they see. 

The click-through rate for your website can be directly related to where your result appears on search results. The top result earns, on average, the interest of over a third of searchers. That number declines significantly as you move down the page of search results. Using search engine advertising to give your site predominant placement can be a winning strategy. 

The audience targeting features can also make search engine advertising very effective. You can target a specific geographical area to reach your local market. And, like social media ads, retargeting can be used to entice previous visitors to come back to your website for another look. 

Search engine ads also boast pay-per-click pricing models. You’ll know that you aren’t wasting your precious ad dollars on ineffective advertising. You’ll only pay each time a user clicks on your ad, visits your site, or gives you a call.

And with easy-to-interpret data, you’ll be able to actually see the results that you are paying for as users interact with your advertising. This also allows your campaign to be instantly adjusted and optimized for the best results. You’ll be able to see what strategies are successful and worth putting additional campaign investments towards.

Improving Your Audience’s Experience Through Effective Copy

Your fitness center or spa has a brand that you want to share with your audience. Effectively communicating all of the benefits of your services requires carefully created copy. This copy also needs to be crafted to encourage this audience to learn more about your wellness business.

Maybe you are using search engine or social media ads to drive traffic to your landing pages. Or you regularly send email promotions to your address list. No matter what channels you are using to reach this audience, you need engaging copy that they want to read that encourages them to be your next client. 

Direct response copy can be utilized to do just that. It provides the reader with compelling information while also moving them through the sales funnel. With strategies based on data, they are provided with concise information and called to take your desired action, whether it be to book a service, sign up for a class, or request more information.

Your copy should speak to your audience in a reader-friendly way and address their needs. Pain points and your brand’s solutions are compelling points to include. Your communications should also cover key and relevant benefits of your services and offerings. And should end with a strong call to action that creates urgency for them to move forward with your business and book that spa treatment or fitness class.

Creating Powerful Visual Ads for Your Wellness Business

Advertising on channels like social media can be a powerful tool. But it’s important to make sure your ads get noticed. This is why stunning and engaging visual ads are essential to your campaigns.

As a fitness center or spa, you are trying to create an atmosphere or vibe. Use these visual opportunities to pull your audience into this vibe. It lets users know what they expect and entices them to get to know more about the experience you create.

Your visual ads should capture the attention of users as well as send a message. What do you want your audience to do? A seamless blend of imagery and concise messaging is key. You might only have a few seconds to make an impression on impatient scrollers

Making sure your ads align with your brand personality creates a cohesive experience. The idea is that your audience gets the same feel from your display ads, website, and campaigns through multiple channels. This holistic vibe will make your brand more powerful, authentic, and one that consumers are more likely to engage with.

Traditional Strategies to Promote Your Fitness Center and Spa

Your fitness center or spa is a brick-and-mortar business. This means that you will also need to rely on some tried and true traditional strategies to market your brand. These are awesome strategies to complement your online marketing efforts. 

While internet usage is growing among the mature crowd, many are still most comfortable with traditional communication means.

Traditional advertising is a good investment when done thoughtfully. Think about ways to use them to cement your brand’s image and reputation. Using these strategies can help you build your clientele and reach your community.

Using Referrals to Build Your Gym or Spas Membership

In the service and wellness industries, referrals are a big win. Getting your current clients to bring in their friends and family can minimize marketing costs while helping your membership soar. The key is having a happy customer base that’s excited to share their experience with others. 

Make referring others to your gym or spa worth it to your current customers. Many times, a discount on the monthly rate or their service is a perfect way to thank them for bringing you new business. You can also provide them with perks like a free personal training session or enhanced spa treatment for referring your business to others.

Provide simple and easy ways for your current customers to refer others your way. A personalized QR code or referral number is easy for them to share with a friend to receive credit for their online referral. Also, be sure to ask each new member or client how they heard about your business. Not only can you thank referring customers, but you’ll also find out what other channels of advertising are reaching your target audience.

Making the referral process fun is another way to win big. You can host member days where members can bring guests for free or at an impressively discounted rate. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your business to these guests. Hand out swag, welcome them with healthy snacks, and show them why they should be your next devoted customer.

Networking to Spread the Word About Your Business

Use some old-school networking strategies to get the word out about your business. You’ll get to better know your community and potential clients. Plus, this exposure can raise awareness and boost the image of your brand.

As a spa, providing free services to those that need them most can be a great way to reach new clients. Offer free chair massages at schools for teacher appreciation week. Or, send a team out to do mobile facials for senior citizens on special holidays. These show that you care about your community while giving them a peek at how stellar your services are.

When you are running a gym, you might find that new members are intimidated to join. Let them get to know you where they are comfortable first. Provide a fitness workshop at a festival or free class at a local park. Attend wellness expos and provide demonstrations of your personal training sessions. Remember to convey a welcoming vibe to show that your gym is for members of all fitness levels.

Getting to know others in your industry can also help you grow your business. Join industry groups and attend conferences to meet other leaders. Complementary businesses can often piggyback off each other’s efforts. And more experienced owners may have some helpful tips and tricks that they have found work well.

Growing Your Business in the Fitness and Wellness Industry with Dynamic Ad Strategies

The fitness and wellness industry is an exciting one that’s also full of competition. Getting the word out about your business is essential to winning customers. Using a creative mix of advertising strategies can help you grow your business and maximize your profits. 

Digital advertising should be the core of our strategy, reaching your audience in budget-friendly, effective, and measurable ways. You can use other channels to enhance your efforts and boost your reputation in the community. And you’ll soon become the go-to gym or must-visit spa for a growing list of members and clients.

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