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How To Advertise Your Home Cleaning Company

December 19, 20235 min read

If you are looking to make your home cleaning company a success, effective advertising is key! You’ll need a results-driven strategy to reach your local audience and gain new clients. Plus, a strong focus on keeping your current clients satisfied is a must. 

So what are the best ways to advertise a housekeeping business? There are traditional methods and digital advertising means that you can use to accelerate your growth. With proven strategies and a little creativity, your business can rise to become the top cleaning company in your area! 

Online Advertising Strategies For Your Housekeeping Business

Reaching new customers online is made simple with digital strategies available. Online advertising can also be cost-effective and incredibly flexible. You’ll be able to clearly see what strategies are working so you can better optimize your campaigns.

Search Engine Ads to Promote Your Home Cleaning Service

When people are looking for a new home cleaning service, they often head straight to Google and Bing. Promoting your business on these sites can help you win the attention—and the business—of these searchers.

Search engine campaigns have the helpful feature of allowing you to target users within a specific geographic radius. That means that your ads will only be shown to those within this service area perimeter. This is especially helpful if you are looking to grow your client concentration in a specific neighborhood or subdivision.

Another awesome benefit of search engine ads is the ability to retarget users. Your ad is shown to previous visitors to your website while they are conducting other searches. With this strategy, consumers gain familiarity with your brand. Your ad can also serve as a reminder to revisit your site, give you a call, or schedule a cleaning.

Advertising Your Housekeeping Brand On Social Media

Social media is another powerful tool you can harness to grow your business. Facebook Ads are a great way to reach new customers with a promising return on investment. 

Facebook has nearly three billion active users, so having a strong presence is the first step. Invite followers to your page, post frequently, and respond to your users’ comments. Then, roll out a catchy and engaging ad campaign.

The key is to use creative ad content that stops users from scrolling right by. A can’t-miss promotion or key benefit to your service can capture your audience's attention. Make sure your message is clear, concise, and gives them a reason to move further through the buying process. 

With Facebook, you can target your advertising to audiences based on demographic and behavioral interests. This allows you to hone in on the target audience most likely to be interested in cleaning services. Once you have an active campaign, you can see real-time results to determine the best way to optimize your strategy.

Email Cleaning Service Promotions

Utilize your emailing list to the fullest and send valuable and engaging messages. Effective email promotional copy can get your message across and help you avoid the trash folder. It’s also important to make your emails valuable and relevant so recipients begin to look forward to them.

With purposeful emails, you can move potential clients through the sales funnel. You’ll also maintain a connection and deepen the relationship with current clients. Emails, where you’re voluntarily sharing your expertise to help readers, build trust and authenticity. Include any current specials or a limited-time promotion to create urgency to book your services.

Managing Online Reviews From Your Housekeeping Clients

An overwhelming 94 percent of customers say they’ve run the other way after reading a negative review of a business. Making sure your online reputation is intact is an essential part of growing your business. Enlisting a review management service can help you both avoid negative feedback and make the most of the kudos you receive.

The best way to make sure negative reviews don’t tarnish your image is to prevent them to begin with. When soliciting reviews, a way for customers to privately provide negative feedback can be mutually beneficial. You get the chance to make things right, and they receive the exceptional service that they were expecting. And all of this is done without a ding to your public review page.

When receiving positive reviews, responding to them is important. Let your satisfied customers know that you appreciate your feedback. Reply graciously to their review and let them know that you’re looking forward to serving them in the future. Not only will they appreciate your effort, but the potential customers will also see that you are willing to go above and beyond. 

Traditional Marketing Tools For Your Cleaning Service

When it comes to reaching your entire audience, you might have to add traditional strategies to your advertising plan. Mailed promos such as postcards are a great way to reach a very specific geographic area. Make sure they have some benefit to avoid being immediately tossed. 

Referrals are another traditional way to grow your business. First, make sure you are providing your current customers with top-notch results each time you visit. Then, offer them a percentage off their next service for each friend or neighbor they send your way. You can even give them a few of your business cards with a personalized referrer code on them. 

Advertising Your House Cleaning Business For Success

house cleaner

Advertising your house cleaning business can be the key to its success. With the online advertising tools available, you can grow brand awareness and reach new markets. You’ll be able to reach your target audience, expand your business, and build a list of loyal clientele. As you create happy customers, they’ll leave you awesome reviews and refer you to friends and family for exponential growth.

With the right mix of advertising strategies,  you can rise to become the premiere housekeeping business in your community. We are here to help with a custom strategy geared towards your cleaning company's goals. Call (760) 537-3457 to learn more!

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